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Nearly 15 years since our founding, priority one remains developing collaborative, durable partnerships built on trust, integrity and enduring value.

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Who we are

MediaNet is a digital consultancy purpose-built to help our clients integrate media, data and technology to drive growth, improve efficiency and evolve the ways they work. We deliver industry-leading services and technologies to empower businesses in the areas of Marketing Intelligence, Performance Media Management and Digital Experience.

We've helped pioneer and establish best practices in digital investment management with a track record that goes back nearly 15 years. Our range of professional services synthesize data analytics, creativity, engineering and business acumen to help our clients to succeed in a high velocity digital world.



We do what is best for every client in every situation. We always have your back.



We prioritize serving our clients and each other above ourselves. We give to give.



Delivering unmatched client experiences and business results is what we get up for every day.

Our mission:

To build intelligent strategies around data, creative and technology that deliver better digital results.

A new breed of partner

Audience Centric

As people demand more value for their time, brands will be challenged to deliver even greater experiences. We approach digital programs with an agile framework that facilitates an ever-evolving understanding of the consumer.

To connect we need to be more than present in the right moments. We must create experiences that offer relevance, utility and value.

By developing strategies that combine data, creative and technology, we can transcend the silo approach to execution, in favor of one that is organized around the consumer above all else.

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Connected Culture

Collaborative at its center, our culture is one that embraces connected thinking and working. The unique perspectives and disciplines we unite equip us to thrive in a climate of continuous transformation. We believe that nothing is ever good enough for very long.


Founded in 2003 as one of the world’s first traditional advertising networks, MediaNet has a rich digital heritage that few in our space can claim. It is our belief that the future of all media is digital and that the future of digital will be rooted in an entirely integrated and data-driven approach.

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A brief history

  • Parent company, Casale Media, founded

  • Casale Media launches industry's first real-time advertising network, MediaNet®

  • MediaNet's "Brand Name" network launches; introduced to market as AgencySelect

  • MediaNet Custom Networks® campaign planning tool is released

  • MediaNet's rich-media creative development & analytics platform is launched

  • Scope of digital creative production services and rich media product offering is expanded

  • MediaNet proudly celebrates 10 years of digital media innovation and service excellence

  • MediaNet transitions from traditional managed service network to full-service, digital advertising consultancy

  • MediaNet becomes independent; grows its strategic planning, business intelligence and creative services groups

  • MediaNet achieves the DoubleClick Certified Marketing Partner designation; becomes the first Canadian company certified to resell and support the entire DoubleClick Digital Marketing technology stack

  • MediaNet transitions to Google Marketing Platform Sales Partner designation as part of the DoubleClick rebrand; expands its data sciences practice and platform augmentation technologies.

  • MediaNet launches strategy and data-focused Intellative™ suite of creative solutions

  • MediaNet achieves Google Cloud Partner designation, developing innovative solutions and consulting for smart analytics, artificial intelligence, data management and infrastructure

  • MediaNet achieves Google Analytics 360 Partner designation, expanding marketing science and advanced analytics offering.

  • MediaNet joins Brainlabs, now offering even more connected marketing and advisory support across Paid Search, SEO, Social, CRO and Data Strategy.

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